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Base Village Metropolitan District No. 2 (District), a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado, was organized in December 2004, and is governed pursuant to provisions of the Colorado Special District Act (Title 32). The District operates under a service plan approved by the Town of Snowmass Village (Town) on September 20, 2004 and amended and restated with Town approval on October 17, 2006. The District was established to provide financing for the design, acquisition, construction and installation of streets, transportation, drainage improvements, traffic and safety controls, fire protection, park and recreation facilities and other improvements (Public Improvements) within and without the District boundaries that benefit the taxpayers and inhabitants of the District.

The District's service area is located in Pitkin County, Colorado entirely within the boundaries of the Town and is comprised of approximately 30 acres of property comprised of (1) the Base Village Development (19 acres), (2) non-developable wetlands owned by the Town (9 acres) and (3) a 1.9-acre non-contiguous, undeveloped parcel located several hundred feet west of the Base Village Development adjacent to the Fanny Hill ski run. The general boundaries of the District are contiguous with Brush Road to the north, the Enclave to the south, the Faraway Subdivision to the east and Lichenhearth and unplatted land to the west.

The Base Village Development is located at the base of Snowmass at the bottom of the Fanny Hill and Assay Hill ski runs and at the base of the Assay Hill Chairlift, the Village Express Chairlift, the Elk Camp Gondola and the Sky Cab Gondola. Base Village is planned to contain a total of approximately 1,094,131 square feet of constructed space comprised of (1) approximately 637,572 square feet for approximately 504 condominium units, (2) approximately 47,518 square feet of commercial hotel space (containing approximately 102 hotel rooms), (3) approximately 22,069 square feet for approximately 28 employee housing units, (4) approximately 183,216 square feet of retail, restaurant and office space (which is excluded from the boundaries of the District and included in Base Village Metropolitan District No. 1 (“BVMD1”)) and (5) approximately 203,756 square feet of common areas located in the various buildings. The Development also includes five underground parking garages totaling approximately 1,021 spaces.


Board Meeting Calendar
November 15, 2023 (Wednesday) Regular Board Meeting [ Agenda] 7am
2024 public budget hearing
November 15, 2023 (Wednesday) Annual Townhall Meeting [Agenda] meting starts at 7:30am
March 27, 2024 (Wed) Regular Board Meeting [Agenda]
June 26, 2024 (Wed) Regular Board Meeting [Agenda]
Sept. 25, 2024 (Wed) Regular Board Meeting [Agenda]
Nov. 20, 2024 (Wed) Regular Board Meeting [Agenda]
2025 Public Budget Hearing
Nov. 20, 2024 (Wed) 8:30am Annual Townhall Meeting [Agenda]
All board meetings start at 8am and are open to the public and (unless noted otherwise) will be held online at the following video conference site  https://www.gotomeet.me/Wolfersberger

Members of the public may also participate via phone using the dial-in number:

Phone:  (571)317-3112
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